How To Make Perfect Soft Boiled Egg For Beginner

Perfect-Soft-Boiled-Egg-1024x576 How To Make Perfect Soft Boiled Egg For Beginner

how to make a soft boiled egg kitchn cooking lesson can be your first experiment to do if you are a total beginner who never had experience at kitchen area. Usually, beginners and newbies are afraid to make a first move because they want to avoid make a mess with their creation or worry people will taste their bad foods. But actually, that is not always true. Many people are successfully serve their first foods and delivering it deliciously. More than that, many foods can be very simple as your first trial such as cooking noodles and rice. Also, soft boiled egg also make perfect trial for beginner. On this article, we will give you details all about soft boiled egg : advantages of eating it for your health reasons, keys to make perfect soft boiled egg without flaws and steps by steps to follow the whole great recipe.

Let’s read it closely!

Advantages of Eating Soft Boiled Egg

Perfect-Soft-Boiled-Egg-1024x576 How To Make Perfect Soft Boiled Egg For BeginnerEgg is source of vitamin and protein, needed to boost your energy and also good for your daily foods. For diet, eggs can be great remover for hunger, better than rice or anything that contains too much carbs. Another advantage of eating soft boiled egg is because the texture is very smooth and good for your heart, that means you can eat it for breakfast or lunch. Usually people eat soft boiled egg for breakfast, before they go to work or exercise to prepare their energy. You can eat it with porridge, potato, bread or vegetables. Egg also will be great friend together with oatmeal and juice. For people who got fever or need to rest, eating soft boiled egg also will help to bring their appetite back again.

Above all, soft boiled egg is almost everyone’s favorite. It can mix with other ingredients and foods, very cheap to buy and get, and on this article we will prove to you that the process of cooking is also very easy!

Keys To Make Perfect Soft Boiled Egg For Beginner

Before we explain steps by steps, read the keys to make perfect soft boiled egg without ruin or make a mess of the whole recipe :

– Timing is one important point about cooking soft boiled egg. Know when to add the eggs, bring and pour the water, prepare everything and get it done will make you get closer for perfect soft boiled egg result.

– Another vital thing is to choose the best egg before cooking. If the egg is bad or rotten, it will decrease the quality of taste itself. So, make sure to be selective when choosing eggs for soft boiled egg dishes.

Steps by Steps To Make Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

First, prepare the eggs. It is free to decide how eggs you want to get, maybe 1 to 4 for first trial. Kitchen tools and items you need to use is a sauce pan, spoon, small knife or egg cutter.

After the preparation is done, you can start instruction by boiling a water in sauce pan and after the boil reaches high heat (the water will rolling boil) you can lower the heat and slowly add eggs into the water.

How long to cook those eggs? Usually 7 minutes is good enough for 3-4 eggs. Don’t wait too long because the result can be over-cooked and it will ruin your perfect soft boiled egg.

Now if it’s done, you can bring the eggs under cold tap water for a few seconds, before remove the top of eggs with small knife or cutter.

Voila! You can serve it on the dish, maybe a small bowl or maybe you can serve it with other ingredients such as corn, salad, bread or baked potato.

Most of all, just be relax when make your first trial for soft boiled egg. If there is anything bad, wrong or mistakes you have made, enjoy your experiments and try do some more. Details and explanations from kitchn website will help you so much but more than that, the cooking lesson is all about having fun and love the process of cooking. For soft boiled egg, we totally sure you will get great experience from this trial. In the end, hope you love our article about how to make a soft boiled egg kitchn cooking lesson!


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